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2023 Teen Influencer Of The Year

This awards program is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Influencers & Online Video Creators who have contributed the most original, moving, popular and impactful content to their fields this year.

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  • Ninja
    50% 2 / 4
  • Jake Paul
    75% 3 / 4
  • MrBeast
    25% 1 / 4

Influencer Awards

Influencer Categories

The awards are decided by a combination of fan votes and our expert judging panel. Use your influence to vote for your favorite creators.

Influencer Of The Year

An individual who has by broad consensus made the greatest impact on their audience and consistently created involving and meaningful content throughout the year.


This individual has captivated their follower group with their gameplay, commentary, and other gaming-related content to bring gaming culture closer to the forefront of mainstream.


This award recognizes a standout TikToker who excels in delighting their audience through short-form videos.


This creator has kept their audience on the edge of their seats with analysis, commentary, and rapportage from the sporting world.


A streamer who has succeeded over a sustained period in entertaining and engaging their audience through live streams or pre-recorded video content (it’s harder than it looks).


This creator has inspired their audience with their command of fashion and style, be it through makeup tutorials, beauty tips, fashion hauls.


This award recognizes a YouTuber par excellence, who has succeeded in setting a new standard for high-quality and absorbing video content.


From their choice of music and transitions, to their sparing use of clickbait, the recipient has attained ultimate mastery in the Art of the Vlog.


This award honors the top creators in the fitness category, who have inspired their audience to lead a healthy lifestyle through their routines and advice.


This serial globetrotter has succeeded in transporting their audience to new places through constant, varied, and visual recollections, recommendations, and reviews.


The Web3 award highlights a creator who has truly explored and shared their knowledge of the mind-bending world of Web3.

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